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Comfort, functionality and the safest solution for your needs. All roller garage doors feature a remote­controlled, electric drive unit. The curtain rolls up on a shaft hidden inside a case. This saves space from under the ceiling. Roller garage doors are reliable, solid and safe. Our offer includes a variety of options allowing matching of the door to its corresponding surroundings, specific applications and conditions where the door will be used.

The main advantage of roller garage doors is due to their construction. The curtain of the door is rolled onto the shaft that is placed above the door opening. Thanks to this solution the space under the ceiling remains free. This is of crucial significance when the height of the room is taken into account.


2 year warranty

We guarantee that we will service or replace the roller garage door at a discount or free of charge if the product fails to work under normal conditions (i.e. at no fault to the buyer).


Custom­made product

Our roller garage doors are made according to the specifications of an individual and made to measure.


Law requires

The law requires that all garage doors must be safe. The main legal requirements affecting the safety of newly powered garage doors are detailed in the European legislation EU No. 305/2011 (CPR) ­ the Construction Products Regulation 2011, and the European standard for garage doors is BS EN 13241­1:2003. Both of these necessitate all garage doors to clearly display the CE mark.

What makes our products special
  • The curtain made of aluminium profiles filled with Freon, free polyurethane foam
  • The last bottom profile features a rubber seal
  • The curtain moves in aluminium vertical guides and rolls up on a shaft
  • The guides feature brush seals and gliding slides in rails
  • The standard electrical drive unit is installed in the shaft and is remotely controlled. Additionally, a key switch or rocker switch can be used
  • Protection against lifting
  • Inertia Brake ­ Drop Devices – standard safety equipment for roller garage doors
  • Now you can arrange the space under the ceiling however you may wish: install lighting, hang your skis or kayak, or pile up your fishing rods or whatever you prefer. The polyurethane foam­filled profiles, bottom rubber seals and side brush seals altogether guarantee good thermal insulation of the garage.
  • Emergency manual drive
  • The roller garage door is the most diverse type of door in terms of accommodation and installation and therefore can be installed on practically any garage regardless of shape and size.
  • Roller garage doors are available in insulated double­ skinned aluminium profiles.
  • When parked right up to the garage door it will still be able to be operated.
  • Beautiful array ­ of designs and colours.
  • Ideal for arched garage openings to maximise drive through height.
  • Specified with remote controls using the very latest rolling code technology for security. Your garage door can only be operated by your transmitter.
  • Suitable interior illumination in a dark room (e.g. in a garage without windows) may be achieved by installing glazed profiles in the door.


PA 77 aluminium profile
PER 77 with clear holes
PEW 77 with vents

Made of PA 77 aluminium profiles filled with polyurethane foam (Fig. 1). Powder coated in the selected colour. The coating obtained in that way has a high level of colour fastness and is highly resistant to any abrasions it may be subjected to. It is also resistant to weathering. The PA 77 profile is used for proper roll-up garage doors. The robust nature of the profile facilitates the construction of large sized gates. Maximum Surface: 15 m2. Aluminium profiles are ecologically friendly products. The foam is CFC­free, and the paints used in the production process are devoid of cadmium. Depending on your personal needs, it can be combined with PER 77 or PEW 77 ventilation profiles.

Wall switches

External key switch

Key-operated wired switch. Two way momentary position switch, surface mounted. Supplied with 3 keys.

Rocker switch

Wall switch, internal use only. Latching switch, flush mounted in wall. Modern design and Latching switch, flush mounted in wall, functionality.

12 (1)
Timer switch

Modern radio control system for roller shutters. Wireless wall switch with the time programming function. You can easily program the working time. You can also set the opening and closing mechanisms of the roller shutters on a weekly basis.

Remote Controls

Remote control key fob

The use of the electric drive and remote control provides great comfort. Radio control allows the opening and closing without the need of getting out of the car. The fob is an aesthetically sound, handheld device that is safe to operate using the very latest rolling code technology for security. Easy programming procedure.

Remote control key fob

The aesthetic and modern design will allow to compose the device ideally into the home space . Safe to operate using the very latest rolling code technology for security. Easy programming procedure. 868 MHz. Colour white.

Remote control key fob

Ideal for used at home. Very latest rolling code technology for security. Easy programming procedure. 868 MHz. Colour grey.


Manual override

Emergency manual drive. In case of a power failure, the door can be opened or closed using the emergency manual drive.

Inertia break

Inertia Safety Brakes. A mechanical brake to stop the descent of the shutter. The brake incorporates a locking system that locks the shaft rotation when it reaches its designed locking speed, preventing the shutter curtain from free falling. Drop Devices (Inertia Brake) on Rolling Shutter Doors must be used to comply with BS EN13241­1:2003 Industrial, Commercial and Doors and Gates – Product Standard.

Security Locking strap, Auto-lock, Hinge strap

High quality, prevent manual lifting from outside. Automatic lock system does not require additional manual operations.

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All roller shutter garage doors are usually made to exactly fit your garage opening with no particular stock sizes available unless used as a special offer.

Please contact us for a personalised quote for your chosen colour and installation.

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