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Home is a place we associate with calmness, safety and security. But how can we be sure our assets are really safe? Every day, we are bombarded by the media with information on the incidence of burglaries and how dangerous they can be. We also wonder what are the necessary precautions we ought to take in order to feel calm, safe and secure. Exercising vigilance by the homeowners is certainly not enough. Why not go one step further to guard your home by adding extra security to effectively stop the intruder? That step is made with an external roller shutter.

External roller shutters are a practical system that protect us in three ways: through perfect insulation, protection of our privacy, and the peace of mind that is achieved while providing an effective “anti-burglar barrier”.

Roller shutters are an efficient system that combines aesthetics and durability. They can be mounted in both newly constructed buildings and already existing ones. The product successfully fulfills its function thanks to the strengthening of individual components, such as channels whose design prevents both deflection and pulling out of the profiles. The resistant structure of the curtain prevents any trauma-induced damage to the roller shutter.

Our roller shutters are made from carefully selected materials to ensure the highest quality of our product. Whether in flush, top-mounted or adaptive systems, roller shutters are designed to improve the energy use of the building. Roller shutters can greatly help reduce heating costs in winter, while in the summer when the sun shines and the outside temperature rises, they provide a pleasant sensation of coolness, helping you to relax peacefully.

Open / Closed

Saving Energy

So far, roller shutters have often been considered as a luxurious and decorative element. Roller shutters significantly contribute to the reduction of heat loss in winter, while in summer they protect effectively the interior from overheating, reducing the consumption of additional cooling equipment. External rollers are far more efficient than ordinary curtains or shutters, because due to their design, between the surface of the window and the curtain there is a sort of airbag which is an excellent insulator. Even at high temperatures outside, we will experience a pleasant coolness at home. If we leave the shutters closed for a hot day, in the evening we can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing coolness and shadow.

Did you know?
In winter, windows and doors contribute to the loss of up to 25% of heat and in summer, they absorb up to 80% of the sunlight? To save energy in winter and avoid excessive heating up in summer, use external roller shutters. External roller shutters help to reduce yearly energy costs by up to 30%.

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Good Experience

We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and affordable prices to provide you with a service unmatched by our competitors. We are always working together with our customers.

Each product is individually selected to meet the customer’s expectations. We always try to adapt the product for standard and customized applications. Unusual projects are a challenge for us.

We respond to all inquiries quickly, regardless of the date and time of day. Our experience in advising, manufacture and fitting is exceptional and effectively assists in the implementation of each project.

We also offer repair and maintenance service on all installations.

Best Materials

Roller shutters are permanently exposed to the weather conditions. Aluminum provides an advantageous durability, retains its shape and color for a long product life. It is relatively unaffected by rust, wind and is UV resistant. Thanks to powder coated surface our products never need repainting. Aluminum roller shutters are also light-weighted, much lighter than their steel counterparts. Shutters slats are filled with polyurethane foam insulating core which is highly efficient and gives a high level of insulation. The shutters are easy to handle and the whole operation is performed with less trouble and required low maintenance. All aluminum elements used in our products meet all of the requirements set by European standards pertaining to the quality of alloys, performance tolerances and strength characteristics.

Professional Standards

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best standards to ensure customer satisfaction from the purchases made.

We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and are equally committed to ensuring their satisfaction as well as addressing whatever requirements and/or queries our customers may have. Hence, we acknowledge each and every order as specific to the individual. Thus, we assist them in selecting the best possible option tailored to their needs.

Comfort and functionality
Roller shutters from Other View can be motorized (manual / electric drives). The first one is a popular and economical option, but requires more effort in handling roller shutters, especially when we have a large number of these or they are big-sized. Manual control is just opening / closing roller shutters using a coiler mechanism. The second possibility is to use electrical control (electric drive), this solution is somewhat more expensive, but much more comfortable and enjoying great popularity among our roller shutter buyers. The wide range of products to operate roller shutters allows you to choose the most convenient way of opening / closing the roller shutters from just one place for all your roller shutters by a remote control or on-wall switch.

What We Offer


Aluminum Profiles

Made of PA 77 aluminum profiles filled with polyurethane foam. Powder coated in the selected color. Resistant to weathering.

Wall Switches

Modern control system for roller shutters. Key-operated wired switches or radio controlled switches. For internal and external usage.

Remote Controls

Aesthetic and modern design that provides great comfort. Radio control allows the opening and closing without the need of getting out of the car.

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Building a long term satisfaction and repeat business has been main factor for the development and growth of our company and it has become our primary goal.

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